April 26, 2016 Elliott

Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2016

What a crazy event this was, 14 km, 9 obstacles and a whole lot of pain!! The Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2016 was quite the experience, my first time taking part in such a grueling event in fact.

I think one of the hardest stations was the swing bar which was the 3rd station if I remember correctly.


But nothing beats taking part in such an event with close colleagues from ONE FM 91.3, with each on pushing each other to the finishing line.

My motivation however was breakfast, I had bananas and all but I was seriously hungry halfway through the race. Even with all that energy running through me, I still wanted coffee! Haha!

The feeling of crossing the finishing line was the most awesome feeling in the world. What an accomplishment to complete this incredible and very well organised race!! Coffee, a big egg filled breakfast and then…..sleep!!

Elliott Danker

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