A Chat With Celebrity Cosplayers

I’ve really got a lot to update you on and I know that if you’re a fan of popular culture, you’d like this next one. We’ve come to know popular culture as somewhat like a following of a trend or in easier terms, the trends that make you a geek. Haha or at least that’s how I would put it.

I first heard about cosplaying say some 5 to 6 years ago. I thought it was odd really and all I knew about cosplaying were things like Lolita dressing or maybe even dressing up like Sailor Moon…LOL! Eh well that really is a small part of the whole thing. Little did I know there was a whole world around the culture of cosplaying. Yeah that’s right, it’s a culture!

So you get these huge fans of a comic or anime like say what I’ve done in the past dressing up as Ironman. Now these guys they cosplay the characters by first making their own costumes and then dressing up in them and portraying the character.

Over the Anime Festival Asia period I got to speak to 2 celebrity cosplayers from Japan. KANAME☆ and USAGI. For starters KANAME☆ has done lots of cosplay like his famous rendition of Cloud of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children to Ichigo of Bleach and Portgas D.Ace of One Piece.

One of the things we spoke about was how he would choose characters to cosplay.

I will always find a character that I feel I can express as closely as possible and also if it fits my physique and my personality.


USAGI on the other hand was a big distraction during the interview. Erm well she’s really good looking for starters AND SHE HAS ABS. My gosh, me and my co-founder at the interview were so impressed with her physique (Ok we might have been ogling a bit) that we had to ask her how many sit ups she did a day.

Hahahaha no I don’t really exercise! Actually I’ve gained a bit of weight recently! Hahaha!


YEAH RIGHT!! Like I’m gonna believe that. Seriously though she did mention that she does more stretching instead of full on physical exercise.

Well you can read all about KANAME☆ and USAGI at POPCulture Online as well as our coverage of the Regional Cosplay Championships. Oh and it was nice to get handshakes and applause from them when I showed them this photo.

See…I also can cosplay!

E Danker

Editor of POPCulture Online

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